Bette & Joan: The Final Curtain (2017)

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Poster by Bryon Fear

Created by Foursight Theatre Company devised by Sarah Thom, Sarah Toogood and James Greaves, script by James Greaves

Directed by Caroline Beckett

Performances: Tue 10th – Sat 14th October 2017, Upper Hall, Stanley Halls


The action takes place in 1989 in God's Waiting Room, France.




So many people to thank profusely as well as the fabulous cast and crew above (whose support and commitment has been amazing), so I have to be brief: Richard Canal (Oscar Announcement); Simon Wallace (piano tracks); Jenny McLaughlin (filming make-up); Lily-Ann Coleman (Joan's wig); Ty Jeffries (Baby Jane wig); Marko Waschke (loan of video camera); Red Cross Croydon (wheelchair); Anton Krause, Kelly Kim Cranstoun (choreography); all the usual unsung heroes who help to get a show put on at Stanley Halls - sincere thanks all. Special thanks too to Sarah Thom and James Greaves, two of the creators of this wonderful play; for their support and encouragement, and for letting me do it!


Bette & Joan: The Final Curtain is fantastic - some formidable performances from Helen Chadney and Gill Manly who are perfectly pitted against one another. The play is sharp and clever and the staging is inventive with a great set from Tom Mathias (Chaz Doyle, watch your back). As you would rightly expect, a mix of high drama with glorious comedy and peppered throughout with hilarious appearances from Audrey Lindsay and Kim Goldsmith. Well done Caroline Beckett - a great debut from a first-time director.

Bryon Fear

Well Bryon was right. If you missed Bette and Joan then you MISSED OUT. I'm so moved! What performances. I'm so proud of SLT and proud to be a part of it. The production tonight was one of the best things I've seen in the theatre full stop.

Isabella Jade Harrison

Many congratulations to the 'Bette and Joan'ers for tonight's show. Excellent performances by all involved. There were definitely references that I didn't get, being totally unfamiliar with the work of the two title roles, but nonetheless really enjoyed the show. Particularly the video performances and the live actors perfectly in sync with the recordings. And congrats to Cal, excellent directorial debut.

Owen Chidlaw


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