Animal Farm (2008)

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Poster by Mark Davies

by George Orwell, adapted by Ian Wooldridge

Directed by Dave Hollander and Peter Stevens

Performances: Wed 5th – Sat 8th March 2008, Bell Theatre


Originally written as a satire of Stalinism, George Orwell's Animal Farm portrays a farm whose animals rise up in revolt and chase out their human oppressors. As the instigators of the revolution, the pigs and their charismatic leader, Napoleon take charge of the day-to-day running of the farm, and the other animals unanimously accept their new roles in the newly equal society. Soon, however, it becomes clear that not all is well on Animal Farm, as the horses and other animals begin to realise that the pigs are rewriting the rules which were drafted to form the basis of a fair society. The legend "All animals are equal" is now amended with the line "...but some are more equal than others".


  • Major/Benjamin/Pilkington - Liam Sharkey
  • Napoleon - David Clements
  • Snowball - Nicholas Lowe
  • Squealer - Conor Jones
  • Minimus - Jessica Brough
  • Clover - Asia Pettitt
  • Boxer - Jack Shepherd
  • Mollie - Kristin Caswell-Robinson
  • Moses - Taylor Richards

Geese, sheep, pigeons, dogs and all other animal played by members of the cast.



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