Agnes Of God (1988)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by John Pieimeier

Directed by Bethene Hubbell

Performances: Fri 17th – Sun 19th June 1988, Prompt Corner


The play is not a simple story. The questions we need answered - can they be? We need YOU to decide. YOU the jury.

  • The Defendant: Agnes - How did this young nun get pregnant? Rape or Divine conception? Why was the new-born found in a waste basket? Did she murder the baby?
  • The Witness: The mother Superior - Is she protecting Agnes or hiding the truth?
  • The Psychiatrist, appointed by the court: Dr Livingstone - Is she objective enough to decide the truth, or is she too ready to condemn Agnes, the Mother and the Catholic Church?
  • WHAT SAY YOU? We need you to come and be the jury. We need to know the truth.




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