A Day at the Opera & a Night at the Races (1983)

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by Mike Schirn

Directed by Ann Parnell-McGarry

Performances: Weds 5th – Sat 8th February 1983, Bell Theatre


Winning entry in the South London Theatre Centre new play competition.




"Full Marx for effort"

The long awaited moment has arrived, and this week the winning entry in SLTC's New Play Competition is being presented in the Bell Theatre.

It is "A Day at the Opera, a Night at the Races" by Mike Schirn, himself coincidentally a product of the SLTC Writer's Circle.

The author has hit on the ingenious idea of creating a new Marx Brothers script for living actors. The names are original but characteristic: Orvile T Firefly for Groucho, Sossonelli for Chico, Crusty for Harpo.


Donald Madgwick, The Croydon Advertiser, 7th October 1983


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