4Play (2011)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by Eddie Coleman

Directed by Chaz Doyle

Performances: Tuesday 15th to Saturday 19th February 2011, Prompt Corner


New writing by Eddie Coleman exploring the complex world of relationships we all have with our partners, friends, colleagues and even therapists.

2 actors. 8 characters. 1 story. 4PLAY – How far would you go?

What would you do for love? Pretend, Manipulate, Sacrifice, Protect, Lie, Cheat, Kill...

Director's Note

Not having read this play, but approving of its premise in general, I was only slightly alarmed to have it given to me under the pretence of me being a reliable sort. We've had a short rehearsal period due to the jet-setting lifestyles of my cast, but were fortified throughout by freshly baked bread and home made yoghurt. It's been great fun, though next time I'll settle for a simple box set if you please, Mr Theatre Committee.




Much thanks to the cast for their hard work in a short time. Thanks to my crew who have also put in the hours to get everything ready. To the bar staff who valiantly put up with requests for tea (not from us of course, this is a proper cast). Mr Gammon for short notice photos. Patrick for "necessary supplies". Carole Coyne for racing to the theatre with a new printer cartridge. Jeanette for the board. Lils for ASMing at the last moment. And Naomi, for many many things, but mostly for not smothering me in my sleep.


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